morenaments euc

Ornament Drawing using Wallpaper Groups

The latest version is 1.7 published 5 January 2010.

An application for drawing ornaments, written in Java. To run the application you will need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which is already present on many systems and can be installed for free on most others. The application has been digitally signed, but most functions can be used with the limited access permissions granted to untrusted code, so you don't have to trust the application to use it.

This program can be used in several different ways.

Use as a Java Applet in your web browser

If you have installed a Java plug-in for your browser, you can simply run the program by opening this page.

Start or install using Java Web Start

Using the Java Web Start Technology, you can run the application in its own window. Furthermore, you can create shortcuts to it on your computer, and you can rerun the application from cache at a later time, even without an internet connection. If there is a connection, updates will be retrieved automatically.

The JNLP file should be opened automatically using the application javaws.

Download an executable JAR file

You can also download an executable file. This will usually be run without any security restrictions. There will be no automatic updates.

On Windows the JAR file should be associated with the command javaw -jar. From a command line interface you can run the program with java -jar euc-1.7.jar.

On a Mac use the OS X application

This ZIP file contains the program bundled as an application for Apple's Mac OS X.

Get the Source code

This ZIP file contains the sources which make up the program and are available under the GNU General Public License v2.


This program is also the topic of my diploma thesis. There you can find in-depth descriptions of some aspects, although the text is available in German only.