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Drawing Hyperbolic Ornaments

The latest version is 0.3.58 published 23 April 2008.

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This program will be my Ph.D. Thesis. As I only just completed my Diploma Thesis, there's not much to see here yet. Still there is a Runnable Version, a Developer's Version (including source code) as well as an OS X Version available for download.

The program hasn't been optimized for use by laymen yet, and usability is still to be implemented. It is released under the GNU General Public License v2.



My program requires quite a bit of memory. Many java installations limit the amount of memory availabe to an applicatoon to 64MiB by default. For my application I suggest a limit of 512MiB or more. At least for the Sun java runtime environment you can pass the command line argument -Xmx512m to achieve this. For OS X this setting is already built into the application bundle.


The program requires JAXB to save and load files. Under Windows and Linux the easiest solution is probably to install and use the latest Java 6 runtime environment.

As there is no sufficiently recent Java version for Mac OS X, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a directory called ~/Library/Java/Extensions unless it already exists. Here ~ represents the user's home directory.
  2. Download the JAXB reference implementation (Version 2.1.5 from 17 September 2007).
  3. Run this file, it will create a new directory.
  4. From the subdirectory lib within this newly created directory, move the following four files to ~/Library/Java/Extensions:
    • jaxb-api.jar
    • jaxb-impl.jar
    • jsr173_1.0_api.jar
    • activation.jar
  5. The remainder of the created JAXB directory can safely be removed again.


Ich did a talk about aspects of this program at the ICMS 2006 conference. Slides of this talk are available for download. There is also a video recording.